Center for Christian Nonviolence

For the 22 years, since its founding by Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, the Center for Christian Nonviolence (CCNV) has devoted its efforts to teaching and exemplifying the Gospel message of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies.


CCNV is a non-profit organization that advocates the full embracing of Gospel Nonviolence, which calls for a radical alteration in thought patterns, verbal patterns, behavioral patterns, and emotional patterns. That is, it requires a completely different reality orientation and self-understanding. To a mind grounded primarily in the logic of the temporal and conditioned by a seemingly endless stream of examples in which violence is portrayed as a legitimate means of conflict resolution, the acceptance of nonviolence as truth does not come easily. There is no doubt that a significant change of mind (metanoia) is indispensable for embracing the Nonviolent Jesus of the Gospel—a process which necessitates an alteration in consciousness made possible only through grace and a patterned, repetitive exposure to ideas and images consistent with the Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies as taught and lived by Jesus.


The Center makes available a rich and comprehensive selection of media to incarnate the change of mind (metanoia) mentioned above. Many of the items are available at no cost (see Essays, Meditations, Reflections under the Resources tab on the Home Page. The CCNV Store is available for purchases at:

  • Audio and Video files (Audiotapes, CDs, DVDs)
  • Books/Booklets
  • Essays, Meditations, Reflections
  • Special Topics: Actions Against Violence

Retreats are available and can be scheduled by writing to, or calling CCNV (see contact info below).


Policies and Practices: There is no restriction on duplication of any of the printed or audio/visual material either downloaded or purchased from the CCNV Website. MP3 and MP4 files are available in lieu of audio/video files (CDs/DVDs) for downloading from the CCNV Dropbox:

The Center for Christian Nonviolence has developed a curriculum on the neuroscience of nonviolence—now part of the Peace Studies Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It explores findings that our capacity for compassion/empathy is part of our genetic inheritance, but that the expression or inhibition of this capacity is a function of experiences within the nurturing culture. These experiences have major developmental effects and can alter expressions of our genetic inheritance that in turn alter our nature—so much so—that current presentations of human nature include violent/homicidal aggression (e.g., war) as an innate and normal component. It seems that—for the sake of those who are suffering from this breach of human nature (violent aggression)—the most efficacious, enduring solution would be fidelity to an impelling inner sense of right conduct or motives that include fidelity to a nonviolent life.

Center for Christian Nonviolence

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